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Jerusalem Lutheran Church  
Flash: ON   July 17, 2019 

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Jerusalem Lutheran Church
6218 Capulina Avenue
Morton Grove, IL  60053
Phone: 847.965.7340

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Forward in Christ
Forward in Christ Magazine
» Confessions of faith: Mount
» Welcome Home: Part 2
» A most blessed freedom
» Moments with missionaries: Hendersonville, North Carolina
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Faith Related Q and A
» What kind of comfort can you give someone when their loved one commits suicide and they were supposedly a believer?
» Can you please explain Hebrews 10:26? I always thought that the sacrifice of Jesus provided infinite forgiveness from sins. I heard a Lutheran say that the verse is speaking of apostasy to the faith, though am very confused by it. I am very confused by Hebrews 10:26, to the point of feeling despair because I feel like I am not good enough to go to heaven.
» If a person remarries after divorce outside of WELS faith, should they be buried next to their previous WELS spouse or more recent spouse? And does it even matter?
» Will we know others as our relatives and friends in heaven?
» The first stanza of a popular hymn says, "I Lay My Sins on Jesus." I know of many places in Scripture where we are taught that God has laid upon Jesus the sins of the entire world, and I believe that. But, where in Scripture is it taught that we are to lay our sins on Jesus? Is it even possible for us to do that? Some have suggested that this hymn refers to repentance. But, it seems to me that we would not be able to repent if our sins had not already been laid upon Christ. What are your thoughts on this?
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