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Jerusalem Lutheran Church  
Flash: ON   November 12, 2019 

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Jerusalem Lutheran Church
6218 Capulina Avenue
Morton Grove, IL  60053
Phone: 847.965.7340

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Forward in Christ
Forward in Christ Magazine
» The Book of Revelation: Part 12
» Light for our path: What kind of comfort can you give someone when a loved one commits suicide, who was supposedly a believer?
» Grieving in hope
» Walk by the Spirit: Part 7
» Confessions of faith: Kalbach
» God’s gifts, our giving: Part 3
Faith Related Q and A
» How come WELS pastors don't teach about the book of Revelation? I keep hearing we are currently living during "end times" and that it is near, but they don't expand on the teaching of the book. If I'm living it, I want to learn more about it and it is too complex to understand on my own.
» I asked Satan for material possessions of this world. Will he give them to me?
» I am a follower of Jesus Christ and am at odds as to what I should do. My granddaughter is living with a guy and they need things for the apartment. I have been asked if I would help her. I Know this is a sin and so does she. We were all raised in and believe the word of God. My question is how to show the love of Christ. I don't want her to think I am here to judge her. We all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. Praying you are able to answer my question.
» Are there courses that can be taken to prepare one to do ministry in assisted living homes?
» Is the pastor considered a member of the church and does he have voting rights at a congregational meeting?
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