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Jerusalem Lutheran Church  
Flash: ON   January 23, 2019 

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Jerusalem Lutheran Church
6218 Capulina Avenue
Morton Grove, IL  60053
Phone: 847.965.7340

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Forward in Christ
Forward in Christ Magazine
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Faith Related Q and A
» I am a confirmed WELS Lutheran. However, I was raised Catholic. One of the most frequent questions I'm asked is how do Lutherans view Mary, the mother of Jesus. What is the Lutheran teaching regarding Mary? I have gotten conflicting opinions on this subject and would like clarification. Thank you!
» I enjoy attending church as an opportunity to grow and foster my faith, but sometimes I feel overwhelmed by attending church so frequently. Is there a standard for how often I should attend worship?
» When God raises the bodies of the dead and reunites them with the soul, is the judgment of each individual made public for all to see? If so, would I then be aware of the damnation of a family member? Assuming I will be in heaven by the grace of God, wouldn't the knowledge of a loved one going to hell affect my happiness in heaven? Thank you so much.
» Hello, I am a lifelong male WELS member and I am having difficulty with the prohibition of women's suffrage in WELS. It is my understanding that 1 Corinthians 14 is cited as one of the reasons that women cannot vote in church elections. 1 Corinthians 11:2-16 seems to indicate to me that women should cover their head (or maybe it is interpreted as having long hair). If that is so, why then are women with no head covering or with short hair allowed to participate in worship? Doesn't verse 14 suggest that men with long hair is a sin?
» What are the possible questions for social issues?
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