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Jerusalem Lutheran Church  
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Jerusalem Lutheran Church
6218 Capulina Avenue
Morton Grove, IL  60053
Phone: 847.965.7340

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Forward in Christ
Forward in Christ Magazine
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» A front-row seat to WELS Waukesha campus ministry
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Faith Related Q and A
» What is the Bible's position on adultery? Is it against one of the commandments? Where are the commandments in our NIV Bibles?
» Where would I find a list of books written by WELS professors who have departed, people like Siegbert Becker? And do you think NPH would still have copies I could buy, or would it be better to search on Amazon or eBay?
» How would a pastor from another Synod go about coming to the WELS?
» Does Satan have to abide by any rules, here on earth, and what, if any, are there?
» Hello! I had a question about laymen ordaining pastors in an emergency. For example, in the Soviet Union, many Lutheran pastors were killed, and laymen were left with no pastor. So, because they did not have access to one, and since the need for one was huge, they ordained their own leaders. Was this a valid ordination? If so, why? Are there verses from Scripture (or Early Church writings) that show this to be valid (either by example or by implication)? Thank you for your time.
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