School Mission/Visions/Objectives

Jerusalem Evangelical Lutheran School Mission/Visions/Objectives

The purpose of this document is to make clear to the Jerusalem Lutheran School stakeholders (parents, students, teachers, support staff, congregation, and community) the mission of the school and the means by which the school looks to achieve its mission. The visions give the school community a broad picture of the congregation's expectations for its school ministry. Several measurable objectives have been created to help put the school on a path to achieving its stated mission and visions. They provide a tool for evaluation of the ministry in the coming years.

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School Mission Statement

Jerusalem Lutheran School exists to nurture the faith of young Christians and reach lost souls through God's holy Word. It is dedicated to revealing to all students the wonders of God's created world through a strong curriculum centered in God's Word, preparing our students for their continued education, and for a lifetime of service to God and their community.

Matthew 19:14
Proverbs 22:6
Matthew 28:19,20

"A Christian Education for a Lifetime of Learning"
~ Serving a diverse community with the unique message of Christ's love