Erin Smolinski

 Early Learning Center Teacher
 Phone:847.965.4750 (ext. 4)

Better known as “Miss Erin,” Erin has been a member at Jerusalem since she was born. She attended Jerusalem School from preschool to eighth grade, and then went on to Niles West High School. She has a Liberal Arts Associate degree from Oakton Community College, and almost another associate degree in music. She loves to play guitar, and plays a little piano as well. 
She also has been dealing with children for most of her life. By age eleven she had a nephew, and became babysitter and caregiver for him as well as three nieces to follow. She has helped many families with their babysitting needs, and still does help others. There is also the after-school experience she has had in the past, involving kids in a large group setting.
In conclusion, Miss Erin loves kids, music, and Jerusalem Lutheran.

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